I love flannel, trees, rain, and granola. I am from Oregon, after all. I also love navy, stripes, old churches, and Herman Melville's opinion of the sea. New England is rubbing off on me.

I think too much. I worry often. I relate many aspects of my life to things I read in a book (but shouldn't it be the other way around?). I believe there is great power in language. I love it when two words meet that haven't met before, and I have a hard time seeing good words go to waste. I don't talk much, but I always listen.

I fall in love hard and have a difficult time letting go. Books. Maps. Jerusalem. Salman Rushdie. You've Got Mail. Harry Potter. Linguistics. Birds. Shoes. Water. Elizabeth Bishop. Punctuation. Ambiguity.

I have only recently begun to believe I can create things from nothing. I have always been brilliant at making others' work better, but I've never had confidence in my own. That is starting to change.