11 May 2010


I have been a college graduate for almost three weeks now, and a real person for almost two. Throughout the end of my last semester and the subsequent three weeks, I have discovered a few things:

---Graduation does not make you feel any more grown up than you actually are.
---You really will miss that one annoying person in your major who had too many opinions and didn't know when to keep them unsaid.
---Your professors care about you. Even those you didn't think you had any sort of relationship with.
---Being a graduate doesn't feel real, it just feels like summer again.
---Looking for a real job is just as difficult as looking for a student job.
---Independent Study is not a real job, although the benefits are better.
---While graduation does not make you feel like an adult, a full-time job with a company laptop and your own office absolutely does.
---If you are not totally absorbed by a book on the bus, you will be expected to carry on conversation with 30-something-year-old men, even if sending very strong "leave me alone" vibes.

As I'm sure half of you have forgotten, I graduated with a BA in English Language and a minor in Editing. Let's get this clear right now: I was not an English major. They are not remotely the same field of study, unless you consider that they use the same language, but even Biology is (sort of) taught in English, so that comparison doesn't hold much water. I studied syntax, etymology, and sociolinguistics, among other things, rather than Twain, Wordsworth, and Milton. But we'll end the comparison there.

While English majors are commonly teased about graduating and living in a box ("What will you do with an English major??") I have found that it is possible to acquire aj ob straight out of college in your particular field of study. Granted, mine is more along the editing side, but as that is my ultimate career goal anyway I figure it counts for something. I am currently working as a technical writer for InfoTrax in Orem, Utah before I head out to Boston at the end of August. As I currently do not have any scholastic responsibilities, I have also added a significant amount of reading to my daily routine, as well as piano, running (*gasp*), and occasional water colors. I've become an expert at painting deciduous tree leaves.


  1. Hooray!!!! I LOVE it! You're a real person, blog and all! :)

  2. Fun stuff!! It;s not as easy to tease you about your English major, since you studied more of the practical stuff like editing. Jeff focused on literature, which was fun, but not practical at all. He is easier to tease ;-)

  3. Ok! You are an amazing writer. Most English majors are :)! Ha. Joke! Im exctied to keep reading!