01 June 2010


I know you will be shocked, but this is a true statement: I have begun a routine of physical activity.

It's true, I swear. Although this weekend I was reminded of one of the reasons I never was very physical to begin with: pain.

 I have been running multiple times a week since the end of April, which I enjoy. That is also weird, I know. I usually do around a mile and a half, although I found a really great 5K in July. Observe.

This weekend was a very active weekend for my apartment. Saturday I went running and then played tennis with two roommates and a friend in our ward. We discovered something we already knew---except for Mac, we are terrible tennis players. It was fun, although I felt bad for Mac who "almost broke a sweat once." Hahaha. He is a ridiculously powerful server, though, and unintentionally hit me in the leg. I now have a lovely welt surrounded by a bruise, which has impressed everyone who's seen it except my mother. But I think the light in Krista's basement was bad and she just didn't see it very well.

 Yesterday we passed Audrey's rugby ball out in front of the apartment for a very long time. I recently learned how to throw a rugby ball and am excited about this new skill. Unfortunately, I'm not quite as skilled in the catching department. It was passed a little too far to the right for me to comfortably catch, and the ball bent my fingers back weirdly, jamming one. I never realized how much one finger would make a difference, but apparently it does. I couldn't swim (although I did) and this entire post has been typed with only my left hand.


  1. You are such a great writer. I love reading your posts. Congrats on the active part of the post. Sorry on the jamming your finger part of the post. On the bright side, I bet you could still beat us all in a typing war with your left hand :)! Maybe not alyssa.

  2. I can't catch a football (never tried a rugby ball) to save my LIFE. I can throw like a quarterback but I "catch" by cringing and letting the ball bounce off my body. Less effective.