09 July 2010


The Intermountain West has taken most of my pseudo-family for the weekend. That and Spokane. What is Spokane? Not Pacific Northwest and not Intermountain. Poor Spokane.

Gone, gone. All of them gone. Or at work. Either way, not here.

I made a list for tonight and one for the morning before I go to Kait's at 10:00. Then a movie with Liz in the after noon. Then back to Kait's for a baby shower. Am I old enough to go to a baby shower?

I need to buy balloons. Add that to the list.

People like lists.

I make them when I want to be productive and when I'm afraid of stopping. This one seems a mixture.

Friday Evening List
--Fill out health forms for Emerson
--Clean bathroom, bedroom, and stove/oven/microwave
--Go to bank
--Go to library
--Go running
--Do Pilates
--Find good ab workout
-- + Buy balloons

Saturday Morning List
--Go running
--Scrub kitchen floor

I find scrubbing cathartic. Dishes, cars, counters, linoleum. Anything you need cleaned? I'll scrub if you cook me dinner.

I want to hide with Erik at Kait's and hear about his birthday.
Then I want to hide with Bets and James at Kait's and hear about EFY and pregnancy.

The likelihood of both is slim. I'll settle for one.


  1. My shower could use some good scrubbing. Not only would I cook you dinner for a week--I'd make you quadruple chocolate brownies :)

  2. Those brownies are so good. I told my roommates about them and they keep bugging me to make them. That would almost be worth the travel expense to Seattle.