05 August 2010

Past Birthday Poems, by the Uncles

A few liberties were taken as these came out of my memory. But they are mostly accurate.

There's a rabbit in the omelet,
There's a lizard in the stew,
There's a rooster in the rootbeer crying cock-a-doodle-doo.
But it wouldn't even matter if the honey's in the hive
'Cause the only thing that matters
Is that Allie's turning five.

Once I ate a pickle,
Once I ate a bean,
Once I ate a pork chop all topped with sour cream.
Once I ate some lettuce,
Once I ate some cheese,
Once I ate ****.
And once I took a trip
Down south to sunny Cali;
And there with knife and fork
I ate my best friend Allie.

****The rest of this line has been lost in the abyss of the past. If you remember it, please contact me. You, yes, YOU could be my birthday miracle this year.

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