12 September 2010

Musically Inclined

I spent yesterday afternoon with this song stuck in my head (again). . . .

Which changed to the accordion song after dining in the North End.

Then I woke up with Winnie the Pooh in my head (which actually happens quite often). . . .

And somehow that shifted to Taylor Swift.

What is the deal with me? Good grief.

Now after church we have this beautiful hymn by Phillip Bliss, which is not in our hymn book and was in no way a topic in any of the meetings. Where did it come from?

Sometimes I wonder if my subconscious shows its emotion through the songs that are in my head. Although the fact that I wake up with Winnie the Pooh is not necessarily proof of that theory. I hope.

By the way, the Phillip Bliss hymn is often sung with lyrics by Horatio Spafford. His story and the lyrics can be found here. Read it. It is one of the most powerful stories behind a hymn I've ever heard.

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