18 October 2010

Frivolous Post (Serious One Tomorrow)

We had a roommate meeting tonight about our Haunted Mansion Party. It was productive, but it also caused me some consternation:

I don't know what to be for Halloween.

I never really care, but this year, apparently, has to be good. I have to have a rockin' costume at my own house's Halloween party! But I've never cared much for this holiday, and I've never been creative. That is a bad combination.

Last year I went to Todd and Allison's like this:
Me as a genie/gypsy (whatever), Megan and Jordan as ninjas, Abby and Molly as Dorothy and Toto

The year prior I went to the party in the Oasis like this:
Me as Pam from The Office with Sarah, the best turkey ever   

Maybe I should be a turkey??

Seriously though. I need costuming advice. Por favor.

1 comment:

  1. hm...that is a tough question. Mitch and I don't know what to be either, but we don't have a cool party to go to either--we will get to be in London. I loved all of our costumes in Jerusalem, we were so creative! The turkey idea might be really fun. I love Pam and Genie too. If you do the turkey--you should put extra padding on the bum to make tail feathers--we did that for Kelsey (she was a white bird in Jerusalem) and it was super cute!Good luck whatever you decide and let me know how it turns out!