15 October 2010

It Rained All Day

There is a lot of sadness in the world.

I found out today that a friend from BYU is getting divorced. I can't begin to imagine what the last few months have been like for her; we haven't talked since school ended in April. And I wish there was some way I could help her. But she is in Oregon, and we weren't terribly close.

I read the daily blog updates that they post, and today's made me laugh since I know this writer. I could hear his voice when I read. It made me so proud of them, again, and I became curious about the Liz Logelin Foundation. And that led me to the story as well as Matt Logelin's blog. Such a sad story, and I wanted to do something to make their lives a little happier. But they don't know me.

I logged onto Facebook and the first thing that appeared in my news feed was an update on her. I talked to my very close friend, her sister-in-law, a few days ago and asked how things were going. She posted this video yesterday, which is beautiful, but hard to watch. She's a very positive person, my friend, but I wish I could be there to really talk to her about everything and make sure she's okay.   

I called an old friend for his birthday and he expressed frustration about his recent loss of employment and his inability to find a job. I sympathized with him, but couldn't do much else. I hated that I couldn't. 

I have been reading the works of Chaim Potok. He is a powerful writer, about faith and suffering and compassion. He writes about the ability to care deeply about other people, and to feel their suffering as your own.

It hurts me to see other people hurting.

A friend suggested I read a talk last night, and while I was searching for it I found this one as well. And while I want to do something tangible, right now I think that's all I can do. But maybe it's the best I can do as well.

Mosiah 4:9

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  1. I definitely think that prayer is one of the best things you can do for anyone. You are so loving Allison, I really liked this post. Thanks for being a great example.