26 October 2010

I've Never Kissed a Chickmump

I am dead tired.

I wonder why we say that? I know why, but I wonder how it started?

Anyway. I woke up earlier than I have in weeks, went to an interview, voted, forgot my locker combination, was reminded of my locker combination, scheduled an interview for tomorrow, wandered through the Boston Common, took the Red Line to Kendall, walked passed MIT out to the Charles River, walked back to MIT, wandered to our church building to take a picture of a sign, walked back to Kendall, bought (and ate) a bagel and lemonade, checked out the MIT Coop, took the Red Line to Harvard Square, wandered through the Harvard Coop, purchased a cupcake, walked to the bus stop, read Harry Potter on the bus, crashed on my bed, watched one episode of Gilmore Girls, caught up on my NYTimes reading, read essays edited by Gerald Gross, posted my responses to said NYTimes and Gross readings, and am now (finally) done with the day at 7:50 p.m. Although I have not yet eaten dinner. Or the cupcake (pumpkin!).

That may have been the longest sentence I've ever written. But it was all grammatically correct.

It was a great day with a high of 72 (so sorry to all you in Utah with the snow . . . haha) and tomorrow is supposed to be 70. I'm loving this whole autumn thing. It's beautiful too, want to see it?
Boston Common

Boston Common

Boats on the Charles

View of Boston from Cambridge

View of Boston from Cambridge

Fall foliage on a path along the Charles and Memorial Drive

More foliage near the church building on Binney Street

We pass this sign on the way to church...

...and apparently this is why
I think Boston's fall is my new favorite season.


  1. you've been to Boston in the fall!

  2. Love your pictures, Allie. Fall in the East is awesome! Sounds like you are enjoying it. :)