22 October 2010


Audge tagged me to answer some ridiculous questions. I will do so because I love her, and because it means I can come up with questions for other people. And I love asking questions. . . .

You just won 1 million dollars. You have to spend it all in one month. no investments allowed. It all has to be gone in one month. What do you buy/do?

Being me I need to ask clarifying questions: If I don't spend it does it just disappear? Anyway I would do these things (in this order):

1. Pay tithing (yeah, Audge, I know you'll say that's not the point of the question, but seriously, it would happen). 
2. Pay taxes (see above comment). 
3. Pay off all student loans (plus any other loans I have accumulated when I receive the money). 
4. Buy a grand piano, preferably Yamaha or Steinway & Sons. 
5. Buy a 1965 red Ford Mustang (unless Ryan has procured one for me). 
6. Go back to Jerusalem with my family, by way of Europe. 
7. Purchase the complete Oxford English Dictionary in hard copy (even though it will be outdated within less than a year).
8. Purchase Dr. Dallin Oaks' Structural Ambiguity in English
9. Start a magazine with Holly Munson, Rachel Thomas (now Hyatt), and Caitlin Channer. And William if he's willing. Oh, and Whitney Lindsley. 
10. Go back to school (again? you ask) and get an MA in linguistics. Or perhaps law school. 
11. Start a scholarship fund for the BYU Jerusalem Center. 
12. Go on a mission. 

You are being forced to listen to either EFY music or boy a cappella group music for the rest of your life. Which one?

Again, clarification: Is this  the only music I will ever hear or will I be hearing it constantly? If it's the only music I ever hear, I choose EFY as long as I get full access to and complete control of all EFY music currently in existence and made in the future.

If you were famous for something, what would it be?

It would be cool to be an editor that would cause a sensation like this one in the publishing world. Or like Max Perkins. 

What did you do to get boys' attention in junior high?

I honestly can't remember. I'd ask Abby Spackman (now Carpenter) for help with that one. I do remember how often we talked about boys, and which boys they were that came up in conversation. . . .

 Okay, I am tagging five rather than Audge's four:

And I'm changing your questions:

1. Assuming your life had a soundtrack, what song would accompany the happiest moments and what song would accompany the most embarrassing ones? Why?

2. Would you rather live your entire life in Pocatello, Idaho or Beaver, Utah?

3. If you could travel through time, to which era would you want to travel and who would you want to meet?

4. Which sister do you identify with most and why do you think that is?



  1. I like the questions you asked better then the ones you had to answer, so I'll do my best. Can't believe you would tag me......