13 December 2010

Last Week To Do List

I have a final exam on Friday at 6:00, but until then zero things. So I've made a list:

  • Figure out how to cancel my hard copy NYTimes subscription.
  • Send a birthday card.
  • Find a few birthday gifts.
  • Return merchandise that didn't fit.
  • Sell back textbooks (if I can).
  • Go see the new American exhibit at the MFA.
  • Look for Mary's wedding outfit. 
  • Pack.
  • Attempt to make a schedule for my Utah trip.
  • Finalize my spring classes.
  • Continue job searching.
  • Decide which book to take on the flight.
  • Make sure we stop the mail.
  • Come up with a great gingerbread house plan.
I'll still end up with a lot of free time. So any (free) winter Boston suggestions are welcome.


  1. That's lame that you have to wait until Friday to take the test...unless you need the time to study. I think in your free time you should throw snowballs at random people on campus and then say I wish you went to BYU. Hmph! Bah Humbuck...or whatever Scrooge says.

  2. Go to the Greater Boston BIgfoot Institute and tell me about it!


  3. I've been wanting to make a gingerbread house too, especially because I have some cool ideas for it. Hope you do fabulously on your test on Friday. :)