26 January 2011

Speedy Fast (Like a Jackal) Post, I have to get back to India

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the State of the Union address. Actually, there are a few things that run along those lines I've been wanting to discuss.


I've spent tons of hours alternating between reading A Passage to India and the history of British colonialism in India, specifically the Mutiny of 1857, for the last three days and my brain is completely exhausted. As are my eyes. But those don't really make much of a difference while thinking.

Which means, I'll discuss those things later in the week. Instead, today I'm just going to say that at 9:30 p.m. when my physical being will be almost out of my literature class, my spirit will be in Provo, Utah. Specifically Pizza Pie Cafe. Hopefully eating some delicious cheese bread and the one dessert pizza Michael thinks is so great. Spiritually, of course. Meaning my spirit will be there, not I'll be eating religiously. Usually I don't make such long treks in the middle of winter (and another blizzard coming), but when they're celebrating for this guy

Who could stay away?

Happy birthday, Thomas.

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