01 February 2011

A Few Thoughts on February

me man, I'm super antsy. I hate February
Melissa how are those correlated?
me I am always tired of winter and want something interesting to happen
it's the worst month
Melissa It's true. It's kind of a black month for me as well.
As it is for everyone.

Okay, maybe not everyone. But don't you feel, by the time you hit February, that winter has gone on long enough and you want it to be spring?? But you know it can't be spring because the groundhog says so, plus February is not the name of a spring month. So then you hope for a great holiday. But the only upcoming holidays are Valentines Day and Presidents Day. Valentines Day is great, chocolate and whatever, blah, blah, but you don't get the day off. While you do get Presidents Day off, that's all that happens. But it's so wintery that you can't even enjoy it. Plus, the third week in February I get sick. Every year.


Except last year, so maybe I've broken the curse.

To not-so-complainy topics, as today was the first day of the fourth blizzard, I stayed home all day in pajamas. My rescheduled class was canceled, and as the blizzard is supposed to get worse tomorrow I'm suspecting the literature one will be as well. So I won't be able to discuss Snow because of snow. The hilarity is not lost on me. (19 inches on the porch at 5:00 p.m. by the way. We'll check at the same time tomorrow to see how much has come down.)

I found this article particularly interesting. I was unaware that there was unrest in Jordan. Preemptive reformation? Sneaky. And smart. Also, I've been wanting to know what Jehan Sadat's opinion on Egypt is, and I've been a little surprised that I couldn't find any mention of people attempting to ask her on the Internet. Then I discovered she's currently in Cairo. Interesting. I wish I could contact the University of Maryland and ask why, but I don't think they'd appreciate that much. Or answer me at all.



  1. haha,I love this post. I can't believe the weather around the U.S. right now--that is so crazy. I could do with a break from class and sit at home with pajamas though. Hang in there and I hope you do find it to be a great month nonetheless! At least its past January--you are that much closer to spring.

  2. Haha...it's a BLACK month for Melissa? Ahahaha...funny considering it's Black History month.

  3. In the past few years I have grown to love February - why? Because it means Maui!!! I don't think that year you went with for President's Week that you got sick over there, so that must be your answer - go to Maui in February!