07 February 2011

Oh, you know, a lot of things

Tonight for FHE we went to a retirement home far far away (in Hyde Park) to dance with an older generation to music they love. It was so much fun. As I was sitting and chatting with an older lady and she told me how much she loved to dance, she looked at me and said, "You look like Chelsea Clinton. Your eyes and your smile."

Huh. Never heard that one before. The funny thing is, I don't look like Chelsea Clinton. At all.

Originally found here.
 She looks a little like Lindsay Portnuff to me (a girl with whom I went to high school). Whatever, I'll take the compliment.

In other news,

I keep thinking (and reading) about Egypt.

I spent several hours the last few nights copyediting and formatting articles for JMGS. Tonight I discovered one of the best copyediting errors I have ever seen. Microsoft Word has a search and replace feature, which is often very helpful and time saving. You should learn to use it (properly). Now here's your English usage lesson for the day: when talking about our country, you must spell out United States when using it as a noun, but use US adjectivally. So, China's involvement in the United States versus US involvement in China. Apparently, whoever edited this particular document before I did searched for all instances of "US" in the document and replaced them all with "United States." Generally okay, except they didn't actually check each occurrence, so I came across previoUnited States, notorioUnited States, hideioUnited States, and hoUnited Stateses.  

Love it.

I was also recently told about the Boston Athenaeum. No idea how I missed that before, but I am so excited to go explore it. 


  1. I did not know about that US/United States thing. Cool.

    P.S: You do kind of look like Chelsea Clinton.

  2. yeah i agree with Jamie, you do kind of look like her.