10 March 2011


From 5:30 yesterday until this very moment sitting on my bed, my life has been exceptionally wonderful.

Last Night
5:30 -- Left work.
6:00 -- Arrived at Coolidge Corner in Brookline.
6:04 -- Popped into Brookline Booksmith.
6:15 -- Checked out three Jewish shops.
6:30 -- Found success in the third Jewish shop.
7:00 -- Returned home while talking to mi madre.
7:30 -- Switched to the other line because Andy (finally!) called.
8:30 -- Hung up with Andy and had a Modern Family date with Megan.
9:00 -- Hugged Dema, who just got back from DC.
9:34 -- Walked to Brookline and back with Dema.

7:50 -- Got up late (that part wasn't so good).
8:15 -- Left for work.
9:00 -- Arrived at work.
10:00 -- Stopped working because the server crashed.
10:05 -- Organized my desk.
10:15 -- Sent bored texts to friends.
10:17 -- Read six back issues of Down East while texting friends.
1:00 -- Went to Boloco to grab lunch.
1:15 -- Ate lunch with Nadege.
1:35 -- Returned to the Down East magazines.
2:00 -- Left for the day because the server was down.
2:45 -- Purchased a cute red skirt and nice blue blouse at H&M.
3:00 -- Checked out Gap, Banana Republic, and J. Crew.
4:00 -- Rode the T while eating Flipz and reading The Luckiest Girl.
5:00 -- Arrived home to JM.
5:12 -- Watched TV on Hulu.
7:30 -- Finished The Luckiest Girl.
8:17 -- Dozed.
8:49 -- Chatted with Melis.
9:23 -- Talked to Dema.
10:01 -- Blogged.
10:33 -- Shower and sleep.

Tomorrow I have a date with Dema to the MFA. I finally get to see the American Wing. Good end of week, no?


  1. Cute. I liked hearing a life in the day of Allison! sounds like you are having a great experience!
    and I am jealous you went to H&M. Did you know they now have one at Washington Square? I want to go so bad!

  2. I am super jealous! Sounds like the perfect few days :) Especially the jewish shops and H&M. SOOO jealous :)