28 March 2011

Actually Eating (Crazy, I Know)

Sometimes there are Sundays that I feel speak directly to me.

The last three weeks certainly have been like that. In consequence of this, as well as one FHE lesson and one conversation had multiple times with a friend, I have eaten breakfast for almost two consecutive weeks (something I haven’t done without monetary reward from Melis since Jerusalem), I went grocery shopping for real meal ingredients (not that soup or rice and beans aren’t meals, but something slightly more substantial and less salty), and I actually prepared meals for myself so I can eat something when I get back from class at 10:30 during the week. Once I get this eating thing down, maybe I’ll try sleep or exercise.

So I’m ready for you, next five weeks from hell. You won’t kill me; I will be fully nourished.


  1. Hahaha. I hope your next 5 weeks go well!

  2. why is it going to be 5 weeks of hell???