07 March 2011

This Way

As I walked home in the freezing cold from the bus stop tonight, I realized something:

The snow is mostly gone.

Spring is coming, people.

In other news, I got to see a good friend tonight that I didn't expect to see until May. No, not Melis, although that would have made my month. A friend from freshman year and the ELang program was in town babysitting her nephew and I found out this morning, so we set up dinner. Went to Wagamama in Harvard Square (quite delicious) and then J.P. Licks for dessert (black raspberry chocolate hard yogurt with hot fudge = so. freaking. good.). I loved seeing her and talking to her about my life and her life and linguistic-y things we've been noticing lately. She should be back with her husband (who I also love; he hollered for me at graduation) in May, so hopefully I'll get to see her again. I was always glad that we were friends; I admire her a lot. And her nephew was so stinking cute.

Tomorrow I want to go to Brookline and search through some of the Jewish shops. I have an idea percolating, and if it actually works out it will be fabulous.

'Night, darlings.


  1. First, there was a huge snow storm today, so you suck.

    Second, I wish I could see you.

    Third, my favorite word in this post= percolating.

    Fourth, I can't wait to hear this Jewish idea.

  2. James, it is not my fault that Utah has crazy weather. No hating.

    And you should come visit me! It would be so fun.