25 April 2011

Clark Gable Is the Only Attractive Mustached Man: Repost

So I went to New York and Connec ticut.

Apparently I have become one of those people who only takes pictures on their phone. Most of those people also know how to get the pictures off their phone, though. Not me. No siree Bob.

I really need to learn how to do that.

Anyway, I went to New York last weekend and got to play with Michael, Susie, Eli, and baby Nate (SO CUTE). It was fun. We saw some of Brooklyn and some of Manhattan; we listened to a lot of Beatles; we had delicious milkshakes twice (go to Brgr on 7th and I think 29th and get a black and white; you will not regret it); we sang a Simon & Garfunkel song; we watched Hellboy; we played at a park under the Manhattan Bridge; and we sent Megan texts all weekend about the things she was missing. So great.

Then on Saturday Dema, Austin, Calvin, and I road tripped to Southport, Connec ticut. It was a gorgeous little town. But before we discuss Connec ticut, we must discuss my amazing car skillz. That's right, I said skillz.

Observe the diagram:
We had to take Jenny's car to pick up the rental, and (with Dema's excellent directions on par with orange vest-wearing airport workers) I managed to get out of the driveway WITHOUT Molly moving her car.

Thank you, thank you. I know I'm great. It's because I graduated.

Anyway, we had great road trip snacks (grapes, wheat thins and hummus, peanut butter m&ms that Calvin ate all of), great road trip music (can you say Jimmy Eat World?), great road trip rain (really, pouring cats and dogs, you couldn't see two cars ahead), and a great road trip car (huge fan of the Hyundai Sonata).

Southport was adorable. I want to live there. The houses were gorgeous, the trees were blooming, there was a beautiful Episcopal (?) church, and the library. THE LIBRARY. Oh. I loved it.

They had the typed manuscript for the last four chapters of Gone with the Wind. We saw parts of all four, including Rhett Butler's famous line, "My dear, I don't give a damn," and Scarlett's mantra, "Tomorrow is another day." I loved seeing it typed with editorial marks on the pages. So cool. They also had several foreign covers, which were really awesome to see. A lot of them did color illustration based of the movie, and several had very good likenesses of Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable.

After loving GWTW, getting hopped up on bunny love (they had a rabbit at the library), and annoying other patrons, we drove in a circle three times before getting pizza for lunch. Then we drove in a few more circles (stupid GPS) until we found the ocean. Walked, skipped rocks (sort of), Austin went on a run (??) before we headed back to Boston.

Best part of the trip? Aside from GWTW and wearing my boat shoes to the ocean, very possibly a photo of Calvin asleep in the library. Alas, I do not know how to extract it from my phone.

UPDATE: Thanks to Miss Miranda-pan (a Connec ticutian herself), I can now get photos off my phone. So without further ado, I give you

Gone with the Wind in Hebrew and Arabic.
The bunny.

Sleeping Calvin.

Yeah baby.


  1. You sound happy. I mean, you are using Z's for S's.

  2. A really easy way to get pictures off your phone is just to send them like a picture message, but instead of a phone number enter your email address and it appears in your inbox as a jpg file.
    Its kind of awesome.

    I'm great too. It is because I graduated.

    I am so glad you loved Connec ticut. As you spell it. Hope you're doing well!