07 April 2011


No, Mary, I'm not pregnant.

I decided that I want to (re)teach myself how to play the guitar. It is going okay; I've remembered the song Adam taught me at Ein Gev, and I have now nicely learned "Leaving on a Jet Plane." Since it's only three chords it's pretty easy. I've also started to develop some rockin callouses, and I have bled multiple times (which, according to Michael, means something).

So here is my pregunta: Now that I've got Peter, Paul, and Mary down, what do you suggest I learn next? I have requirements. A) Something I already am familiar with so I can play by ear and not just read chords. 2) Something easy (no bar chords yet, please). D) Something from someone who actually knows how to play the guitar (Abby, Lorren, this means you).

Also, all the Weepies songs use a capo which I haven't quite figured out. I have asked for help on that one so hopefully I'll be able to flesh out my repertoire with them soon; they sit perfectly in my range and we all know how much I've been lovin' on the Weepies.


  1. That song Hallelujah that's in Shrek. My sister plays that on the guitar. I love it.

  2. Me, Abby?
    I can still play "Enough" from Switchfoot. Here's a good tab for that: http://www.mxtabs.net/view/tab/152336/switchfoot/let_that_be_enough/

    Also mxtabs is a good place to look. They have many tabs from many artists.

  3. SO glad to hear you aren't pregnant :) Oh allie...you make me laugh!