06 May 2011


A year ago to the day, I had this conversation with Melis:

Melissa: I'm sorry. hey random, but do you remember off the top of your head where your stamps are?
5:34 PM me: in the drawer the printer sits on
5:35 PM I'm starting to drink dr pepper way more and it's all your fault
 Melissa: no it's not. That's your choice
5:36 PM do I just need one of the 94 cent ones?
 me: yes. it's only 94 cents.
5:38 PM Melissa: sweet. and I'm sorry you're becoming addicted to Dr. Pepper. Maybe we can stage an intervention
5:39 PM me: not addicted. but I like it more than I should because it means I'll drink it more
5:40 PM hmm. I wonder how the phrase "make out" came to be
5:42 PM Melissa: that's random
 me: a song from grease came on pandora
5:43 PM it says something like, "we made out under the docks"
  and then I wondered
5:44 PM Melissa: is that something that you could look up in the corpse?
5:45 PM me: it isn't dead
  I did look it up actually
 Melissa: sorry
  I wasn't paying attention
5:46 PM me: well it's a phrase we use for other stuff too, so I'm trying to figure out where that meaning enters
5:47 PM I have to look through the hits though, which is slightly time consuming 

She's leaving North Carolina on a jet plane as we speak to come have ridiculous conversations like this in real life. Yay, yay, yay.

Also, I am officially done with my first year of grad school. I survived the first round of full-time work and school. I am so fantastic.

Two hours and one minute until the best weekend of the year begins. Bye, baby.


  1. oh have so much fun!!! I love you two so much!

  2. You ARE so fantastic! Glad to read you're doing well! :)

  3. I hope it has been an amazing amazing weekend!