16 May 2011

Summer Reading List

'Member when you were in elementary school and the library would challenge you to read a certain number of books in a summer and then after you read that number (plus 50 more books if you were like me) you'd get a prize?

No prize for college-graduated, so-called adults, but I made a list anyway:

Kartography—Kamila Shamsie
This Side of Paradise—F. Scott Fitzgerald
Cloud Atlas—David Mitchell
Jane Eyre—Charlotte Brontë
Bossypants—Tina Fey
Atlantic—Simon Winchester
Persuasion—Jane Austen
Harry Potter (1–7)—J. K. Rowling
Miracles—C. S. Lewis
Mountains Beyond Mountains—Tracy Kidder
The Picture of Dorian Grey—Oscar Wilde
How Language Works—David Crystal
Jesus the Christ—James E. Talmadge
1776—David McCullough
Sandition—Jane Austen
No Country for Old Men—Cormac McCarthy
The Lexicographer’s Dilemma—Jack Lynch
The Time Traveler’s Wife—Audrey Niffenegger
Atlas Shrugged—Ayn Rand
The Bell Jar—Sylvia Plath
East, West—Salman Rushdie
A Room with a View—E. M. Forster
Salt: A World History—Mark Kurlansky
The Age of Innocence—Edith Wharton  
Step Across This Line—Salman Rushdie

Fourteen novels (although Atlas Shrugged is really more philosophy, and The Bell Jar is quite autobiographical), nine nonfiction (ranging from history to linguistics to religion to identity), one memoir (unless we include Sylvia Plath here), and one book of short stories. Twenty-five books in all (I'm counting HP as one book even though it's seven; I know them well enough and read them fast enough to be one).

Anything I ought to add?


  1. I totally made a list too!! Mine includes a lot more children's stuff though, haha!

  2. Tina Fey wrote a book????

  3. I am currently number 87 in line for Bossypants at my local library.

  4. I just read "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks." Very interesting and thought provoking. How many of these books are 2nd time+ reads, besides HP books.
    kay card

  5. Hey Allie,
    Your mom directed me here - we are at the scrapbook table with very few M&Ms. =) I think you should add Left to Tell. I lent it to your mom and she is almost finished.

    Have a great summer!