11 May 2011

This post is dedicated to Katelyn Anderson

A little over a year ago, I was still working at BYU Independent Study, ready to embark on a summer adventure filled with software I didn’t understand, my first real foray into public transportation, way too much Dr. Pepper, and an overwhelming abundance of male coworkers. As I was preparing to leave the job I’d had and girls I’d loved for over a year and a half, Katelyn suggested (requested?) that I start a blog, “so we can keep up with your life.” I did that, a year ago, today. And I have never catalogued my life in so detailed a way than I have the past year (except perhaps for a series of letters that once found their way to Europe). So Katelyn, thank you. After nearly 23 years, I have finally figured out what medium of journaling works for me, and it is because of you.

On a sadder note, Melis left me yesterday (then Dema went on a date and JM was studying and another friend bailed on me too; poor, sad night for Allison). We had a lovely weekend, none of which I captured on film (or SD card). But I did take two photos on my phone at the MFA.

There is an exhibit currently featuring the work of Dale Chihuly, a glass artist from Seattle. Oh man. Gorgeous stuff; if you live in the area, go see the exhibit. If you do not live in the area, go to his website and see where some of his work is near you. It was so cool. I felt like I was under water the entire time. I will probably be heading back at least once before the exhibit ends.

Because everyone left me last night I ended up running in the rain, and discovered a few things: A) Running in the rain is way more fun than running in the sun. 2) Running to JEW is way more motivating than running without any music. D) . . . I don’t have a D.

But I did have left over Indian food for dinner.


  1. This is the best! Haha, thanks for the shout out! I'm so glad you started a blog (it's definitely one of the interesting ones)! You're such a good writer! Glad to have done something good, haha! Love you, Allison!

  2. I'm so glad you commented! And I definitely remember you! Frankly, I'm impressed that you confessed to blog stalking after only a couple weeks—sometimes it takes me months to 'fess up.

    I totally agree about blogging. Blogging is the one consistent way I've journaled, and now I can say that I've kept a consistent record of my life for five years now! That's a pretty big deal for me. I'm excited to start reading your blog!

  3. It's not on his list, but there is a Chihuly in Malawi's Pizza at Riverwoods in Provo.