16 June 2011

My bags are packed, I'm ready to go

Lovely little coincidence I realized: it's my movingversary!

I am leaving on a jet plane in 9.5 hours to go stay here for six days.

Minus the Honda Accord that was my transportation summer of '08. And minus the rhododendron bushes that were transplanted to the back yard.

Eleven years ago I left this house to go to that one (sans Honda and rhododendrons).
Photo taken from Google Maps.
But they painted the house and ruined the yard. When we lived there it was white with black trim and had a lovely red front door. And the grass was alive. And there were flowers.

So I'm traveling on the same day to the same place, I'm just leaving this house instead.

Also taken from Google Maps, because apparently I don't have a photo of my own house.

Bye, Boston.


  1. I love your Boston house!!! If I ever go to Boston, I want to visit!!

  2. Hope you are enjoying your visit home, Allie. It is a great place to be :)

  3. Allie- Why haven't I ever seen/heard about how cute your house is? I love it! Hope you have fun at home!