03 June 2011

Words, words, words

(Just a few.)

Yesterday, I think I used the word wicked six different times.

As in, That storm last night was wicked awesome.

I also find myself using shut up more and more as an exclamation (not a command).

As in, shut up, seriously? can I marry you and move to London?

To top it all off, I am continuously (continually?) referring to people in my head as chickadee. I haven’t vocalized it in oral or written communication yet, but I’m certain I will soon. Almost did yesterday:

Calvin: lol, ok
have a good evening
me: thanks. Sleep well [chickadee]

I refrained, but it was there in my mind. I just didn’t transmit it through my fingers to the interwebs. So today I thought before I add it to the list of endearments I use with certain people who are my friends (usually dear and every so often hun), I’d better test it.

me: if I called you chickadee would it make you uncomfortable in any way?
Michael: If it was in person I'd think it was weird
 me: haha, that's fair
 since I haven't seen you since January and we only communicate via gchat, what about that?
Michael: I would just think it was silly

me: if I called you chickadee would it make you uncomfortable in any way?
Matt: umm
 i'd be curious for the reasoning behind the name
 but not uncomfortable, per se

So I think I’m safe with that one. We’ll see what happens. (And just so you know, I don’t only want to use it with boys. They just happened to be the only people gchat-available to take the poll.)

Not sure where chickadee came from, fairly certain shut up is because I’m friends with Miss Melis (though we lived together for a year and a half, you’d think I’d have picked it up then), and wicked is totally Boston.

I like knowing where my words originate.

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  1. The first I ever heard shut up used repeatedly as an exclamation was by Stacy London on TLC's "What Not To Wear". I'd never heard it anywhere before that....and as she started using it more and more, I slowly started hearing it around.
    And if you want to expand your bird repertoire, might I suggest such lovelies as "gnatcatcher", "grosbeak", "sapsucker", or perhaps "titmouse"
    I guess they don't have the same ring. :) (sorry....birdnerd over here!)