19 July 2011


'Round about eleven months ago I moved to Boston, and my mother came with me to help settle in. We made way too many trips to Target and got lost a few too many times, but (other than the gross, sticky heat) we enjoyed the bit of exploring we were able to do. On one of our exploratory days we ventured along a part of the Freedom Trail into the North End. As there was gross, sticky heat (plus a fake hurricane), we literally thought we were dying (maybe not literally) (okay, I thought I might die) and were desperate for a drink. There is a tiny cafe located right across the street from the Old North Church on the corner of Salem and Hull. We ate a muffin and a bagel respectively, and both tried large peach mango smoothies as well (the large is only 50 cents more than the smaller size, you have to buy a large).

Oh holy goodness.

That was absolutely hands down the best peach mango smoothie I have ever drunk in my entire life. You could taste equally and distinctly both the peach and the mango flavors. It was incredible.

And for the past four weeks, I can't stop thinking about it.

Darn full time work and school. I still haven't managed to make it back up there. But man, oh man, I will get there before this summer is out.

If I could drink one while sailing in my nautical attire on the Charles, now that would be perfect.


  1. We're really going to have to get you on a boat soon, as these thoughts are apparently creeping into everything you think. I mean seriously, it's a post about smoothies and then sailing drops out of the sky like Superman on kryptonite. You've got it bad.

  2. I LOVE peach and i LOVE mango! I want one right now? Can i come visit you?