14 July 2011

I'm going to make it

Found on Mugglenet.com

Monday evening 'round 11 I had this gchat conversation with miss Melis:

me: Sirius just died
Melissa: sadness

me: 73 hours until the movie - 24 hours of work - 8 hours of class - roughly 21 hours of sleep = only 20 hours to read 1366 pages of Harry Potter
 That's 68.3 pages an hour
  oh, I can do that
 Melissa: haha
  I love that you just did that math
 me: well I didn't think it was possible. but now I'm thinking maybe it actually is
 Melissa: you can do it!

And so I did. With 15 hours 'til showtime, I have 324 pages left in Deathly Hallows. Although, 7.5 of those hours will be spent at work and 4 in class, so I guess that really leaves me with 3.5 reading hours. That's 92.57 pages an hour. Up from the original goal, but I can totally do it. I read more than 100 on the T ride in this morning. 

I think tomorrow's going to be a rough day. About five hours of sleep coupled with soul-wrenching Harry Potter finale feelings? Thank goodness the weekend is coming to recoup. 

But it's been a good thirteen years. And I'm certain David Yates will send us all out in style.


  1. I think you are a serious HP rockstar for such fast reading. I just finished listening to HP 7 a couple of weeks ago. And seriously, 3.5 reading hours? You've got this made, girl.

    And can I say HP 7.2 in 3D IMAX?? I know.

  2. Haha...I only got half way through the last book. I don't think I can wait to watch the movie though...don't hate me.