26 August 2011

But Not Much More

On Wednesday, I purchased a copy of Vogue. I had never purchased a fashion magazine prior to this week, but it was the September issue. And, well, we all know what that means.

Vogue Magazine
Or maybe we don't.

The September issue of Vogue is the largest issue they publish all year. This year clocking in at 758 pages, it highlights the fashion trends for the upcoming year, as well as includes a variety of features ranging from Kate Moss (cover story) to Jon Huntsman to Christine Lagarde. It is an incredible piece of work put together each year, and after watching The September Issue last weekend I knew I had to have a copy.

In semi-related news, I now have a catalogue of all the books I own and are with me in Boston based on the bookcase and shelf on which they should reside (so if you borrow a book from me I will know that it's missing, and if it is not returned in a decent amount of time I will hunt you down and take it back). I also went through my finances for the month of August and was shocked at how much money I spent at Borders' bankruptcy sales. It's a good thing they're closing soon. I found an article yesterday titled, "20 Celebrities with Stunning Home Libraries," and it was unanimously decided (unanimous = me and one other person) that if mine were one of these twenty libraries, it would probably be Nigella Lawson's.

Photo found here.

I also purchased a typography guide this week, for fun. I received this in the mail. And I may or may not have bemoaned the fact that Microsoft Word does not allow kerning, and some of the space between words looked weird in an application letter I was editing.

This whole publishing degree might be causing a bit of obsessiveness in me.


  1. I want a cool library with all antique books. Ancient ones, ones falling apart. With a chandler in the room.

    Don't edit this post.

  2. Um, now I have one more documentary to watch via Netflix. Obviously.

    And I love your catalogueing system. Perhaps I'll use some of my jobless time to do something smiliar.