29 September 2011

Amputation (Offered by Melis. Also, Andrew.)

It's been weeks this time.

Started in the elbow, the nerves rubbing up against the joint, grating at each other until there was a dull, constant fire (I've been told this is called inflammation). But amputation at the elbow seems a bit much.

How about the fingers? Stiff in the joints and in between, feeling swollen but not appearing so. Who needs ten? Five could be fine.

But if the fingers come off the wrist might as well, it's tight and needs popping at least once an hour. The stiffness from the fingers and the weakness in the wrist seem to radiate toward each other and create another dull constant fire in the hand. And somehow the two little fires want to be friends, traveling up and down the forearm.

Bye, forearm. And elbow too, for good measure.

Enough? Not yet. The neck and shoulder have some tingly spiders crawling up and down them creating a very strange half numb, half tight feeling that rolls down toward the now nonexistent elbow. They can go too.

Almost done. Just hack off that section of the lower back filled with knots. And perhaps the totally inflexible trapesius that's tighter than the wrist.

Now. Anyone in the market to sell the upper right side of a body?

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