21 September 2011

A List of Things in My Life

1. I've been having really unsettling dreams lately. No, I don't eat before bed. No, I'm not abnormally stressed out. Yes, it is affecting my sleeping ability. A dream journal has been suggested. Thoughts?

2. We pitched story ideas in my editing class today, and I will be doing a restaurant review for Kickass Cupcakes. To determine if they actually are. (I've been told, yes.)

3. Ran into my boss getting off the T yesterday morning. Apparently we ride the same train. Usually I get to the office first, though, so we've never seen each other before.

4. Mumford & Sons. Megan, I know you said you didn't like Little Lion Man, but listen to Winter Winds. The trumpet part rocks.

5. I freaking love my old man sweater. And flannel. And wearing them in the fall. It's fall!

6. Boots are on backorder. Blast and wretch.

7. I laughed out loud on the T last week reading Bossypants. The lady standing in front of me looked at me and said, "You're the third person I've seen on the T today laughing at that book. I think I have to read it."

8. Working from home cons: I am sick.

9. Working from home pros: Stretchy pants and Full House reruns. Can you say score?

10. I am designing my hands down dream magazine to create (and hopefully will create at some time in the future). It will be a heck of a lot of work. But it will be awesome.


  1. First, did you really just use a nacho libre word. Second, I want to see a pic of the flannel. Third, should I read bossy pants. Fourth, if you don't call me by the end of the week for like 2 mintues, I'll be offended ;)

  2. I want to see your flannel and old man sweater (and you in them if possible, cause I miss your face). You sound so good though, minus the sickness...I can't wait to read your magazine!!! :)

  3. 1. Sorry about that, it sounds like no fun!
    2. If they really are, I must get my hands on one of these things. Haha. The name alone makes me want one!
    3. Hooray for random bus/train encounters. I saw my favorite professor from BYU the other day on the bus.
    4. I want to listen to this one too. I only know "The Cave" and "White Blank Page" but I love them both.
    6. So annoying!
    7. I've heard that I should read that. If you like it, then I actually probably should.
    8. Sorry you're sick!
    9. Full House = 90's joy.
    10. Cool! I want to see it.