27 October 2011


I keep talking about being swamped with work, specifically magazine design. So I thought I'd show you what I'm working on.

I'm creating a 24-page linguistics magazine. Going for a Psychology Today-vibe, not a scholarly journal. Language for non-linguists. This is the Q&A department for the back of the book (thanks, once again, to Charlotte for the term hideous editor):


  1. Love seeing what you do, Allie :)

  2. Dear Hideous Editor,

    Is there a rule about commas and names? For instance, if I was to say: "Good job on the test, Mike." Should it be like that or should it be "Good job on the test Mike." I think I learned that you should put in a comma for things like that but it seems like no one uses commas anymore. Or is the comma only reserved for instances of specifying nouns such as "I'd like you to meet my friend, Mike."

  3. so fun to see what you are doing! Did someone actually submit these questions or did you make them up?

  4. I love the ampersand you've got going on here. And I love this column. Obviously. And I'm flattered that you wanted to use the hideous editor term. It's one of my favorites.