09 November 2011

Texting with the Hunnybunny

Jessie: When are you coming home?
Allie: December 21. Also can we have a Harry Potter movie marathon?
Jessie: Yes!!!!!!
Allie: Sweet. Harry Potter every night!
Jessie: Hehhehehehe yeeeessssss and we have to tell everyone happy christmas in a british accent!
Allie: Okay. And say cheers and jumper and call each other mate.
Jessie: Hehehehehe yeess
Allie: Let's try to talk in british accents as much as we can the whole break!
Jessie: Yeessssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the day when we watch the hannah montana movie we have to talk in country accents
Allie: Hahahaha. And mom has to cook in her french accent

We've never had such multi-lingual holidays before. Watch out.

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