10 December 2011

Get Back in my Life

So sorry about the lack of posts. I had so many things I wanted to tell you about, like

Meeting Stephen Pinker and Lois Lowry (wow!).
The best ice cream flavor at Cold Stone (Cookie Doughn't You Want Some).
Actually accomplishing a to do list.
My hunt for animal print (pun intended).
Expense reports are fun (what??).

But I'm designing designing designing with a few breaks for the flute for the next 36 hours. Instead, I'll leave you with a taste of the music that's been accompanying Lingo. Hands All Over, Maroon 5. Surprisingly excellent design music.


  1. Um, so here's the thing. I'll be glad when your designing is finished and I can have you back via blogging. Just sayin'.

  2. jealous about lois lowry...thats the coolest.

  3. i just discovered that you have a blog!!! Now I can read about your life all the time :) LOVE IT and LOVE YOU!