11 January 2012

2011 Recap

So, I kind of dropped out of the blogging world there for a while. I guess I needed a break from all aspects of my life. Hmm.

I know I'm a little late to the game, but lots of things happened in 2011. Let's review, shall we?

I went to Mary's wedding in Salt Lake and saw (most of) my B22 girls and Spokane boys in Provo. Also got trapped in Provo for two extra days due to crazy Boston blizzards. Cheered for UO in the Rose Bowl. Started my second semester of grad school, and came to terms with another Allison (albeit, spelled Alyson) in my house.

Best thing about January? Learning a bit about poetry, favorite genre of the year.

A month I usually hate turned out quite positively for me. I got my full time job (hallelujah). And had three days of class canceled due to snow. And watched with great interest the unrest in Egypt (plus met a journalist who experienced it all!).

Best thing about February? Discovering The Weepies, favorite band of the year. 

MARCH MADNESS. Obviously. Saw the mansions in Rhode Island and had my first Texas Roadhouse experience (if ever you need the phone number for TR in Brockton, Mass., it is still saved in my phone). Also, I took a quick trip to DC to see Ryan and my own family (sans Megan). Continued the full time job, and almost saw Sarah Jessica Parker on my way to work once.

Best thing about March? Discovering Salman Rushdie, favorite author of the year. 

Thought I might go crazy with school and work, but didn't. Went on quite a few East Coast adventures, which probably saved my sanity (while also increasing insanity, so go figure). Had a large Easter dinner at the Nottinghill house.

Best thing about April? Inviting Kelly and Liane to Easter dinner, favorite Emerson friends of the year. 

Survived the semester, and wrote the bulk of a 20-page paper on Salman Rushdie in about 24 hours (don't tell Roy). My Melis came to visit for five whole days (!). Acquired a box filled with poetry books to take care of while C was gallivanting through Europe.

Best thing about May? Anne Marie and Danielle moving in, favorite new roommates of the year.

A well needed break from school. Also spent a week in Oregon, including a birthday, Father's Day, a Powell's run, and Trendythird. Camped (??) and touched the Atlantic Ocean. Played with Becca. Caught up on sleep, and crossed a bunch off my summer reading list.

Best thing about June? Lunching with Charlotte, favorite new-but-old(ish) friend of the year.

Rowed a freaking canoe up the Charles. Started a six-week course (craziness) with a professor who had a gorgeous Boston accent. Quickly became good friends with Dan. Saw HP7.2 at midnight with Kelly, Liane, and Caitlin. Decided to move with Mel and D.

Best thing about July? Beginning to read The Book of Mormon on the T, favorite habit of the year.

Turned 23 and had an amazing birthday. Received much in the way of Harry Potter. Also some European presents. Finished my book project in the nick of time. Signed a lease for the house in Porter Square. Introduced Dan to the amazing peach mango smoothies in the North End. Survived a baby earthquake and baby hurricane in the same week.

Best thing about August? Celebrating my birthday week with my wonderful friends, favorite week of the year.

Moved. Started the hardest (but most rewarding) semester of my graduate career. Had a fun (ha) medical procedure that taught me nothing. Rode an emotional roller coaster that didn't really end until two weeks ago (thanks, school and work). Saw Moneyball and discovered an interest in Michael Lewis's writing.

Best thing about September? Cultivating some skill in design, favorite passion of the year.

I taught the Quakers! (So much love.) I was brave. I was also freaking busy. Basically, went crazy. Also hated the snow and loved The Orphanage with Danielle on Halloween weekend.

Best thing about October? Listening to President Uchtdorf's GC address, favorite talk of the year.

I continued the crazy business. Also had a visitor and sprained my ankle. Then became a visitor and spent a weekend in Provo with Megan and Melis. Took a much-needed break from my life over Thanksgiving, though I did help (re: made whipped cream) Mel cook Thanksgiving dinner. Also may have harassed my family members to no end about their participation in my parents' anniversary gift.

Best thing about November? Watching way too much Gossip Girl, favorite trashy TV show of the year.

I rediscovered a long lost music love. Played the flute in four (count them) Christmas performances. Surprised my parents with their anniversary gift. Completed and printed my baby magazine. Flew home to Oregon for Christmas merriment which included Hanukkah with the San Francisco cousins, Lisa's chickens, two Burgerville runs, Hugo and Sherlock Holmes, an attempt at an HP marathon (only made it through OOTP), too many books at Powell's, new pajamas, organizing parties with Mom, and the fastest Numbers Dinner in recorded history.

Best thing about December? Introducing Jessiebell to D.I.S.C.O, favorite annoying song of the year.

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  1. So glad to see you back posting! I have missed you.