13 January 2012

Edith + Norman + Jackie O.

What do Edith Wharton, Norman Rockwell, and the Kennedys have in common?

Image source here.
The Berkshires.

I'm not entirely sure if the Kennedys actually vacationed in the Berkshires. But they lived in Boston and, well, they're the Kennedys. So I imagine they must have.

I will be spending this three-day weekend in a cabin in the Berkshires. Exploring tiny New England Villages. Snowshoeing in the mountains. Reading The Age of Innocence while the snow falls outside. Because what could be better than reading Edith Wharton in the Berkshires? Nothing, that's what.

If only I could drink hot chocolate, the homage to Edith would be perfect. So it goes.

Happy weekend.

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