21 February 2012


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For the last several weeks I have started a few experiments which have been mentioned in passing a few times on this blog. I'd like to take the time to report.

Experiment Uno: Cut Processed Sugar
I've been having a variety of digestively-related health problems over the last year or so, and after I got tired of doctors (again) I decided to (continue to) self-diagnose. The beginning of that self-diagnosis was processed sugar. For the past eight weeks I have cut it from my diet (except for when I ate a chocolate reindeer-rabbit in a moment of weakness) to see if it would have an effect on my overall health. It has...ish. Not enough to determine processed sugar as the sole cause of said problems.

Experiment Numero Dos: Maintain a Proper Sleeping Schedule
Along with eating much (much) healthier, I wondered if perhaps (more/better) sleep might affect my near-constant state of fatigue. Thus, I created a Sleeping Sticker Chart. No mocking said chart (cough*Dan*cough). It works. Over the last five weeks I've only missed five days.

Experiment Tres: Learn To Let Go
This one is only five days old, and will probably rival the next experiment in difficulty. But for Lent this year, I'm letting go some long-harbored ill feelings. (Also my tendency to complain, but that isn't really part of this experiment so does not warrant a mention. Though it just got one.) The plan involves some isolation and some prayer and some study. We'll see how it goes.

Experiment Numero Quatro: Cut Wheat
Last night for dinner I made myself some whole wheat macaroni and cheese. Very quickly after consumption I nearly died (not of consumption. of macaroni.). I have been suspicious of wheat for a while, even if my coeliac disease tests did come back clear, so as of today (or maybe next week? I just bought bread) I will be adding some sugar and cutting all wheat. Which will perhaps be the most difficult experiment of all time. I freaking love bread. Cross your fingers that's not the problem.


  1. maybe you should try cutting dairy sometime too, if the wheat thing doesn't work. good luck with your experiments!

  2. Normally I like experiments....but those sound like less than fun. My mother in law can eat wheat, but not whole wheat anything or else she has horrible digestive consequences. She has several other food intolerances....chocolate, nuts, a bunch of ocean life. Random stuff. Yeah, if cutting wheat doesn't change anything, try dairy next (being aware of all the many places dairy ingredients lurk in processed foods especially). I have a cousin that has Crohn's (or ulcerative colitis....I can't remember what diagnosis they settled on). That's another digestive issue thing. I discovered a couple years ago that onions and I DO NOT get along. But if I eat a Bean-o with an onion containing meal, I'm ok so long as I don't have onion-y things more than once or twice a week. Anyways, TMI. :) Ever tried probiotics? Our pediatrician said the best one is Culturelle (contains lactobacillis gg). Have fun, err whatever, with your experiments!