12 March 2012

Don't ever say, "Maybe now's a good time to read The Bell Jar"

If you do, all the reasons you were loving March will suddenly not balance out twelve thousand other draining things. Including feeling like you were drugged, then hit by a truck (though that is due to rock climbing on Saturday night, which was actually a lot of fun. Aftermath, not so much. What's the deal with the second day after hurting worse than the first? Not cool.).

Had this conversation last night:

Melissa: yeah maybe
10:58 PM hey guess what? I blogged. This never happens
 me: that's true, it never happens
  I check every day in my routine blog check.
10:59 PM Melissa: haha I've sat down to do something like 5 times and never can. My sister called me out on yesterday though
 me: I get that. I haven't written hardly at all this year
  I used to all the time
11:00 PM Melissa: it's true you did
11:01 PM me: I'm too tired now. it's too much work.

And that might be pathetic, but it's also true. I am too tired to blog. I'm sure I'll kick myself in six months when I don't have details of my life. W.

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