10 May 2012

The L Section

There are a lot of things I could blog about this week. I could blog about my growing loathing for Amazon, and the excellent series of articles published in the Seattle Times about a month ago (it's a four-part series, make sure to read them all).

I could blog about my recent trip to the MFA and how I still recognize what carvings mean in the Egyptian exhibits. They make me homesick. Always.

I could blog about ending school, and how we keep getting together (Clarke's, Border Cafe, Starbucks, Max Brenner) "one last time" because we don't want to say goodbye.

But instead, I'll give you this video for Mothers Day. I'll be busy with my own mother (in Boston! They'll be here tonight!), so I probably won't be posting much, but this is beautiful. I've expressed my great love for Billy Collins in the past, and when I heard him read at Boston College a few months ago that love just increased. He's a fabulous writer, and an equally fabulous reader. (Not everyone is both.)

But you know, the audience laughs at some of the lines. They did it when he read at BC, too. I imagine it's because his delivery is so straight-faced, which is great, but really, I don't find this one funny. I think it's really sweet, and a little sad, and very true.


  1. Really beautiful poem. Thanks so much for sharing it ... and have a wonderful time with your family.

  2. Loved this. Thanks for posting it. Enjoy your family's visit. Thinking of you and all that you have accomplished. You are an amazing woman, Allison.

    ps--Have a couple extra Nachos for me :)

  3. Oh I love that poem! It's beautiful and true. What would we do without mothers! I'm about halfway through reading those articles about Amazon. My loathing is increasing as well. Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a fabulous time with the fam!

  4. Very sweet. Thanks for sharing.