01 July 2012

A Magical Place

My amazing friend Lindsay Brown moved to Plymouth last month for a new job. She invited me to spend the day with her yesterday, and we had a rockin' time.

I took the commuter rail from South Station to Plymouth.

And I got an entire bench to myself.

Hello, Plymouth!

Lindsay picked me up at the commuter rail station and we hit the town. Plymouth is darling. Lindsay's house is literally minutes from the water (also from the rock). We went into a bunch of cute shops, got fantastic smoothies at a smoothie shack, and perused a British import store that had some great Cadbury chocolate and FLAKES. Like we had in Jerusalem! So so exciting.

Flakes. Amazing.
After lunch at home we headed to Scusset Beach on Cape Cod. The most beautiful ocean I've ever seen over there. So blue and so clear.

There was a lighthouse and sail boats.

Good grief, it was gorgeous.

After the beach we went home, got dressed a little fancy, and went out to dinner at T bones. And maybe ate more food than I normally do in a week. Two appetizers, a half rack of ribs, and two sides (including the most delicious peach BBQ beans I have ever tasted).

Potato skins and buffalo chicken dip. Yum.

So so much food.

And after dinner we may have gotten ice cream. Oof. And then fell asleep watching An Ideal Husband. Love Oscar Wilde. Love Plymouth. Love Lindsay.


  1. Ohhh, that looks like a heavenly day. Also, you're so cute!!

  2. Anonymous01 July, 2012

    Oooh, a British import store...I been looking for one so I can get some Maltesers

  3. Al, it looks like you girls had such a fun day! I love Cape Cod. It's the best. And you look so cute in those pictures! And cute swim suit!

  4. Did you dye your hair? I love it. You look great!