01 August 2012

Let's Talk about Birthday Week

Aside from packing, job searching, cleaning, mailing, working, etc. etc., etc., the birthday week plan is (so far) as follows:

Wednesday, August 1
Lunch with the re-returned Calvin at Quincy Market. Watch Contagion with McCall (and any roommates who are around) to celebrate (finally!) finishing the NCLEX this afternoon. Then meet up with AM after her classes and walk to Harvard Square for ice cream.

Thursday, August 2
Meet up with Dema at the ICA to see confusing contemporary art, plus the glass exhibit that actually sounds awesome.

Friday, August 3
Nothing yet on deck. I'm sure it'll be wicked awesome, whatever it ends up being. (Also, happy wedding day Liz! So sad I can't be there.)

Saturday, August 4
Play with Lindsay doing Boston-y things (I'm thinking JFK library, maybe a museum or two, Newbury street?) and then go with her and McCall to the Red Sox game that night.

Sunday, August 5
Attend church. Also, nap.

Monday, August 6 and Tuesday, August 7
Nothing concrete yet. Suggestions are welcome.

Wednesday, August 8
The day itself. I'm thinking Texas Roadhouse dinner, then birthday cake cake cake cake.


  1. Scheduling out birthday week festivities is such a wonderful thing. Way to be. My birthday week schedule will likely involve not a lot of sleep and plenty of baby snuggles.

  2. Love this list and love that I'm a part of it. Yay for birthdays :)

  3. Almost Happy Birthday. I blame Betsy for this.