01 November 2012

Thank Goodness for November

Text to C Wednesday afternoon:
Sometimes being an adult sucks.
Response from C:
Most times. 

Later, after getting home from my printmaking class (the only redeeming thing about the day) and not watching The Orphanage as planned (darn you, Reed, and all your editing projects), I realized that with the passing of Halloween, it is now November. The month of gratitude prayers.

Usually it's just a week of gratitude prayers, the week leading to Thanksgiving. But at the rate things are going sucking, a month sounds like an excellent plan. 


  1. Love you, Al! Also love your favicon. A month of gratitude prayers sounds like a great idea.

  2. I like that idea too, I'll participate! And yes--being an adult is rough.

  3. Allison you crack me up. geeze