16 December 2012

The Ballet. Also, Dan.

Last night after eating massive amounts of teriyaki while watching this week's episode of The Mindy Project (Have you watched it yet? "Danny, will you make a pact?" I died.), I got all dressed up in a fancy fluffy dress (thanks, Megan!) and went to the Pacific Northwest Ballet's Nutcracker.

It was magical.

Elise, me, Amy
Several years ago, Maurice Sendak partnered with the PNB manager to design the sets and costumes. I loved reading about that in the program, because the sets just felt like Maurice Sendak. And it's really such a great story for him to be a part of. All about the ease of children to slip in and out of fantasy.

Easy to see him in the set, isn't it?
The sets were fabulous, the costumes were beautiful (I must, must get a tulle skirt that flies up when you twirl), and the music in the second act had me grinning the entire time. It was a wonderful night.

In other news, today my dear friend Dan turns 28. (So old.) If we still lived in the same state, we would celebrate with cake waffles again. As it is, I'm eating french toast tonight. I'll think of you and your birthday and how I'm so glad we became friends during that perfect Boston summer.

It was magical too.


  1. THE PACT LINE of mindy project was also my favorite part. She is just too good.

  2. Ooh I want to see your dress!