10 January 2013

Patent Pending (?)

Sometimes, you decide to start a new show and C convinces you that it should be Burn Notice.

That decision will start an important discussion about snacks. Obviously.

And sometimes, even though it sounds weird, you might decide to take C's suggestion seriously and actually try mint popcorn. Because you miss having someone to do stupid experiments with. Or maybe you're tired. Who knows why you listen to his suggestion.

Verdict: Meh. When eaten in the form shown above, the flavors of popped corn and mint are distinctly separate from each other. Once smothered (as C said after seeing above photo, "needs way more york. smother it"), the popcorn is merely a vehicle for the melted patties. There is no butter or salt in your mouth. Just chocolate and mint.

oh well.

1 comment:

  1. oh my, you crack me up! That is awesome that you tried that combo. not something I would be interested in trying.