24 January 2013


A few months ago, at the encouragement of one of the editors, I began copyediting for Appazoogle.com. Appazoogle (Apple + Amazon + Google) is a great site run by Emerson grads (originating as a class project  in December 2011) that discusses the digital revolution and its affect on the publishing industry. The pieces are fun and insightful, and a great way to learn about what's going on with all forms of publishing.

Last week, I had a brilliant idea for a post. Today, they ran it.

So, for today's blog reading I'm redirecting you to "Free books for everyone (in Seattle)." Enjoy.


  1. So cool!! I enjoyed your post very much. And you have some great ideas.

  2. so so great!! loved it. and the poem is just as cool. totally jealous of free books.

  3. Al, I love everything about this! Erasure poetry is really cool. I've been seeing it around the interwebs lately. I would love to go to this, I think more of them should exist, and I think something geared toward children would be brilliant. Love to see your writing