03 January 2013

Top 12 Gchats of 2012

A highlight of the conversations that entertained me during work/designing/job hunting:

Laura: i have a pressing question
 me: go
 Laura: how is it possible for a giant and a human to have a child?
  how does hagrid exist?
 me: hahahaha
 I think the exact same way that two humans have a child
  though I think having the giant as the mother is probably a lot easier on both parents.
  was that too much?
 Laura: no, i just don't get how that works out physiologically
 these are the questions that plague me as i listen to HP
  also, hagrid should mathematically be in his 60s
  do giants age differently?
 me: I don't think they do
 Laura: well, then i'm baffled
 me: why would they age differently?
 Laura: i don't know. he doesn't seem to be in his 60s in the books
  i would put him in his 40s
 me: people in their 60s can do what he does
  not all of them
  but some
  plus, he has giant blood

 Danielle: only 60 dollars
 me: yep
I was looking for animal print, but I like these shoes
 Danielle: hahah still looking for leopard?
  you better hurry up before the tren is over
 me: haha, I know
  h&m has snakeskin ones that I love, but they never have my size
I think I might have to just give up on the animal shoes
 Danielle: hahahah
mike just caught me swaying/dancing in my cube
 me: hahahaha
now the question is do I have clothes with which to wear purple and yellow heels?
Danielle: of course
me: hahaha
  of course I do?
 Danielle: yeah
  you can wear them with anything
me: I like your logic
and I think I will add them to my tax refund present.
 Danielle: there you go
me: yay

me: do you have great spring break plans?
  I'm a little surprised you were awake to send an email at 7:40
Dema: haha yeah i've been used to waking up early now, so can't sleep in :)
  plans are just homework and hang out with friends at night
we're still on for tomorrow, right?
 me: yep
  time preference?
 Dema: well if you wanna do something right after work we can, or if you're interested in going to that show together we can meet up later
i'm currently asking Jan Marie if she would date me
 me: I'm guessing the answer is yes
 Dema: u just have to take that step into the dark/leap of faith (think Indian Jones and the last crusade).
and it always seems to pay off
Jan: I seriously love you for making that analogy
me: that's why we'd make a great lesbian couple.
think about it
Jan: absolutely
 me: hahaha
  I love it
and I'd totally date you, too
 Dema: good

Matt: oh my word, your church has a style guide
  how great is that
 me: of course it does
  I have a copy of it
  I've used it before, I used to intern with a BYU professor writing a commentary on the New Testament
  haha, how'd you find it?
 Matt: i was perusing the general conference stuff
 me: ah
Matt: haha...top-down management of the church, very interesting
 me: what do you mean?
Matt: well, top-down meaning there's a central authority that manages nearly all facets of mormonism, opposed to most other sects of christianity where the mangement is spread across the members of each individual church (bottom-up)
 me: right
I find ours more effective.
Matt: for some aspects, absolutely
  like I said, very clean
  provides clear and consistent results
Mormonism also, i think, exercises more control than, say, Catholicism, despite both being centrally administered
 me: I don't know a whole lot about the organization of the Catholic church, so I can't say
Matt: well, the main similarity being a central authority (pope and cardinals vs. president and...his cabinet? Elders? Not sure what you call them)
me: haha, it isn't a bureaucracy. they are apostles. like in the Bible.

Miranda: hey MASTER
me: hahaha
  oh hey
 Miranda: so proud of you
  i'm going to brag all about my roommate
 me: hahaha
 Miranda: to who ever wants to listen
 me: everyone, I'm sure
Miranda: there is a line forming outside my cubicle, waiting to hear the ballad of allison mitton
me: ooh
  is it as good as when you recite ice ice baby?
 Miranda: better
  i've grown wiser since then
me: hahaha
  I loved that
  that's one of my favorite memories
 Miranda: i'm glad!
  so, have you read any of briTTany's blog?
because it irks me because it is written so poorly, i can only imagine what it does to you
me: oh my gosh NO
send me the link
 Miranda: i can't access it write now, (fb is blocked at work) but its on her page
ahhh WRITE NOW?! who am i? my brain ismelting at this job!
  right now****
 me: hahahaha

me: okay. it's just the one selena gomez song I really like
everything else is just, meh
 Katelyn: haha, thats a good discovery
 me: is it on repeat?
  yes. yes it is
Katelyn: hahaaha
  oh, you and selena. bffs.
 me: hahaha
my music listening sometimes takes these huge nose dives
  this is one of them
 Katelyn: haha, well acceptance is the first step
me: to recovery?
  but I haven't recovered
  case in point:
  Call Me Maybe
  Selena Gomez
  I'm Sexy and I Know It
  need I go on?
Katelyn: haha, no no. i think we all have a bit of pop music trash attraction. it's an inevitability of life.
 me: that is true
  oh. Britney Spears
old and new
  I Wanna Go is just so great
 Katelyn: case and point
 me: plus there's my horrible Maroon 5 love affair.
 Katelyn: haha
 me: all my favorites of their songs are the dirtiest ones
  and I never realize it until it's too late
 Katelyn: hahaha
me: oh well.
Katelyn: it's not the worst thing in life. embrace it

me: so I told Danielle and McCall and Anne Marie the David date story tonight
  they loved it
Jan: hahahaha
  I love it too
  that was great
 me: D wanted to know why I'd never told her before, haha
 Jan: well it's not like you go around telling everyone you meet
 me: I hardly tell anyone
it makes me look bad, haha
  and I still had the note
  so she read it out loud
  I can't even remember what it said now
  I wish I had been there
  how does it make you look bad?
  you didn't do anything
 me: you don't remember?
when I got back from Christmas Dema and I were sitting in the foyer at church and he came to talk to us and she totally steamrolled him and wouldnt let him talk to me
  she monopolized the entire conversation
  and he doesn't talk to me now
  we'll pass in the hall and he doesn't even say hi
 Jan: yes I remember that
  if it makes you feel better he doesn't say hi to me either

me: how goes the search
 Calvin: didn't yet
  got emails from BU
 me: haha, I knew it
  oh yeah?
  how are the terriers?
Calvin: fast
 me: not as fast as jackals, though
Calvin: who has a jackal mascot?
 me: I don't know
  but I always say to be speedy fast like a jackal
  have you never heard me say that?
 Calvin: of course I have
me: well then. terriers aren't as speedy fast as jackals.
 Calvin: how do you know?
me: because jackals are the speedy fastest
Calvin: no they're not
  two words
me: that is one word
  also, I saw the african cats movie and the jackals were running just as fast as the teenager cheetahs
 Calvin: teenager cheetahs are always high on weed
me: you are making that up
Calvin: i would never
 me: you would always
 Calvin: touchez
 me: haha
  I win

me: so I've been watching grey's again
  it's bad because I get sucked in, and because it makes me think I have some weird serious thing wrong with me and I don't know it and I'll die
but also I like it because I love Cristina and Meredith's friendship.
 McCall: haha oh dear
  yeah their friendship is great
  but that's bad because you tend to self-diagnose anyway
but in all likelihood you're fine
  however, if you would like to take this opportunity to go to a doctor, i'm all for that
 me: hahaha
  you and everyone else
McCall: smart people
  smart people
 me: yeah yeah
  aaah there is a moth in my room
  it keeps saying you do not receive my chat
McCall: yeah, it said that for mine too which is why i said it twice
  really weird
  also, kill the moth
me: so last night I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and turned on the lamp
when I got back to my room I saw the moth six inches from my pillow, on the wall
 McCall: ugh, creepy!
 me: haha, I didn't know what to do. I don't know how to kill moths
so I managed to suck it up and get in bed. though I think that was part of the reason I didn't sleep well
  when I woke up it wasn't on teh same wall anymore, but just now it started flying all over
  ooh there it is again
McCall: just throw a shoe at it!

me: I'm glad you're checking up
 Reed: doing my best!
me: you're doing great
  I'll fill the SEO stuff and post it
 Reed: word - thanks! Over the weekend if i have time maybe i put together a few screen shots and send them out ... maybe that will help them figure it out
me: that's a good idea
Reed: those come across my mind from time to time ... yes!!!!!!!!!!
 me: haha
  don't let it go to your head
Reed: shoot ... too late!
me: hahaha
  that's okay
  Dema will make sure your head doesn't get too big
Reed: def'ly true .... that's why we have women in our lives... they build us up and rip us down at the right times!
 me: and we do it well.

Daniel: now about you
  what's the news?
me: no news
  I'm going to California next week
 Daniel: ooh fun
  which part?
 me: my dad just bought a new car but it's in Orange County
  so my mom and I are flying down to drive it back up
we're going to stop in San Francisco for a day with my uncle
 Daniel: have I told you that I love SF?
me: nope
 Daniel: or what's left of it?
  it's in my top 3 of cities
 me: what do you mean, what's left of it
Daniel: post Giants victory riots burned some stuff down
 me: yeah, but they won
 Daniel: hey, no one is happier than me
  i love the giants
 me: umm, I probably am
  did you go to Giants games every year since you were 1?
 Daniel: that's probably true
in fact, a lot of people are probably happier than I am
  but I'm more than halfway between indifferent and hey-that's-cool
 me: haha
Daniel: i did see the giants play every time i visited my grandpa though
  and those are my favorite memories
 me: I love them so much
  mostly Brian Wilson and his sweet, sweet beard
Daniel: not the one from the Beach Boys though, right?
 me: I don't know why you'd even say that
 Daniel: hahaha

Calvin: and graduate study in cw will round blah blah?
me: that could work
 Calvin: will round me more fully as a writer
  something like that?
me: hmm.
I want a different word
  something other than 'round'
 Calvin: yep
 me: the first thing that comes to mind is 'flesh', which is equally bad
 Calvin: ew
 me: hahaha
 Calvin: advance
  fire dance
  fat chance
 me: you should write the entire letter like Dr. Seuss
 Calvin: bagger vance
 me: now you're just making things up
 Calvin: haha, that would be awesome
 me: it really would


  1. My favorite is January's. Obviously.

  2. In a fit of egotism, I immediately skimmed this entire post looking for a chat between you and me. I am honored not to have been disappointed in my search.