21 March 2013


  • I dreamed a friend got accepted to NYU for a PhD program with full funding. He applied to 12 schools in real life, but none of them are NYU. (None of them is? Char, Laura, thoughts?)
  • I dreamed I went on vacation to a cabin in the middle of nowhere (Idaho?) with my family, several Boston friends, some Boston friends' families, and a Jerusalem professor and his wife. One friend showed up in a crazy old station wagon and the biggest fur-trimmed coat I've ever seen.
  • I dreamed I punched a man in the face three times. 
  • I dreamed I still live in Boston. It was a perfectly ordinary Boston day. 
  • I dreamed I choked on tiny diamond chess pieces that were in my water like ice cubes. And woke up from the dream three times, like a weird version of Inception.
  • I dreamed a friend started dating some girl who dumped him for his brother, but he didn't know. When he found out she was dating his brother, he tried to strangle him.
  • I dreamed I was going on a mission and went back to Oregon to tell everyone.
  • I dream about starting a publishing house in a barn overlooking the sea.


  1. That last one. LET'S DO THAT.

  2. I think "are" since the none you're referring to is plural in nature. Char?

  3. Ambiguity.

    Did you dream three times that you punched a guy in the face once
    did you dream once that you punched him three times?

    This is Ben, the husband of your cousin Rebecca H. I'd love to chat with you about your degree program. Please drop me a line on my blog.