04 June 2010


Unfortunately, along with sleep, one of the important aspects of life that kind of disappears during college is eating. I snack all the time, yes, pretzels, chips and salsa, poptarts, m&ms, chocolate milk. But I rarely have even two substantial meals a day, let alone three. Recently, however, our apartment has become friends with the Spokane boys---an apartment of boys in our ward from Spokane. I'd forgotten that boys love to eat. Since our friendship with them, I have begun eating much better, although a good portion of the food has been made by my roommates. Regardless, some of the deliciousness we have consumed lately includes

--- Homemade tortillas (courtesy of Laura)
--- Rollo cookies (courtesy of Audge)
--- Butter bars (courtesy of Laura)
--- Shepherd's pie (courtesy of Laura . . . apparently Laura cooks more than the rest of us)
--- Bruce & Lisa's pear cranberry cake (made by moi, and with rasp rather than cranberries as the store didn't have them)
--- Oreos with cream cheese frosting (courtesy of Melis)

Apparently we eat a lot of sugar. However, last night Liz made ribs and baked potatoes for our apartment as well as the Spokane boys. They were absolutely delicious, and probably one of the best meals I've had in months. Thanks Liz!


  1. That's so fun! Cooking for just yourself is such a giant pain in the butt...combining forces with a few friends makes it awesome.

  2. Hey--you forgot to mention your Sunday dinner at Krista's :) It sounds like you have some pretty good roommates with cooking skills. Me? I always just went to Brad's apartment for meals. :)

  3. Maybe you should bring the treats to our next get together...sounds like you're giving Alyssa a run for her money. ;)

  4. Who are these "Spokane" boys? Do they know you have relatives in the area? And just where in Spokane? Just curious.

  5. Yeah we lucked out with scoring Laura as a roommate.