08 June 2010

Hunnybunny Club

When my mother was growing up, her two middle sisters would often play together and leave her and the youngest alone. As this was unfair, my mom and her youngest sister formed a club, the Hunnybunny Club, in which they would go into my mom's room, shut the door, and eat Ding Dongs. After hearing this story, I decided I would start a Hunnybunny Club with my own youngest sister. We play games, color, eat great snacks, listen to Switchfoot, and watch movies or TV shows like Bewitched, The Cosby Show, and Psych. We even have matching Hunnybunny shirts. When I go home I hope to have another awesome Hunnybunny Club meeting.


  1. Here's to the Hunnybunny Club :)

    What a fun tradition you've carried on--your mom always made me feel so special. I'm sure Jessie feels the same.

  2. And I never knew about the Ding Dong eating! wondered where they were disappearing to.