21 June 2010

Inhibition-less in a Tux

On Saturday my smart, beautiful, favorite last summer roommate, Annie, got married. Her husband's okay too, I guess.

Actually that's a lie. He's wonderful, particularly for Annie. They were cute and happy and completely in love. Hopefully they still are, two days later.

As I was Annie's favorite roommate and she likes Melis and Kim okay too, we participated in the day's wedding festivities including the brunch, the temple, a few photos, and the reception.

While the highlight of the day was, of course, seeing Annie so happy, the second best thing about the day was spending it with the Spokane boys, who also happened to be the groomsmen. They've all been friends for years, and it was so fun to watch them be excited to participate in the wedding.

For weeks and weeks these boys have been spending more time at our apartment than their own, and they've probably talked more about the tuxes they were going to wear than anything else except the Lakers/Celtics games that were being played at the same time. Sadly (for them) the Lakers won (again), but they were finally able to wear their tuxes, which I think more than made up for it. Something about those tuxes gave them more confidence than they already have---particularly on the dance floor. But seriously, how could they not? So studly.

We kind of love being friends with these boys.


  1. OH MY GOSH. Best post ever. Good work! Very true, too!

  2. Did you take those pictures of the guys? They are pretty good!