17 June 2010


The year Megan turned two, our uncle wrote her a birthday poem:

Samba, tango, rumba, conga,
Get yourself a chimichanga,
Eat it fast, and dance a jig
'Cause Megan's getting really big.

She isn't much bigger now than she was then.

But today is her nineteenth birthday. And a lot of other things have happened in nineteen years, even if she hasn't grown much.

For starters, she has made a lot of friends. Megan has a great talent for making friends quickly and making people feel comfortable. She has great relationships with our cousins, and she and her best friend, spend more time together, even though they don't go to the same school, than any other girls I've ever seen. It's almost like having two nineteen-year-old sisters (happy birthday tomorrow, Emily).  

Megan is also amazing with kids. The little cousins love her, the entire neighborhood asks her to babysit, and there is a particular family with four little kids who miss her weekly visits since she's gone away to school. She still sees them when she goes home, and I'm sure they will remember her forever.

Megan is a really good student. Sometimes she doesn't like her classes or doesn't understand the material as much as she would like, but she tries really hard. She is always on top of her homework and she studies diligently for her tests, even when she has ten million social events going at the same time. 

It was fun having Megan in Provo my last year at BYU. Even though we haven't be the very best friends, I will miss her a lot when I leave. I love you!


  1. Thanks Allie! You're the best! and you picked some pretty good pictures.

  2. Cute post allison! That fun to have a sister so close! Miss you at work :)

  3. Megan is a sweetie! We love her, too. What a nice post to share your feelings about her--you are a great sister :)