25 June 2010

Only A Day Away

Since arriving in Provo a little over four years ago, I have come to terms with the fact that I am kind of a snobby person. I don't parade my snobbishness, but it does become apparent in certain situations. I've discovered that there are specific topics that just force it out of me:
Literature (vocalized in a nasal British accent)
Specific Fashion Rules
The English Language
Politics---Or, A Fear of Democrats
 Aside from the fashion and my weird obsession with English linguistics, I think know that all of my snobbery directly correlates with growing up in Oregon. Really though, the Pacific Northwest (which does not include Spokane) is just plain cool. Let's go through the list.

Music: Can you say The Decemberists, Modest Mouse, The Shins, She and Him? And let's not forget all the concerts available in Portland.

Literature: Largest independent bookstore in the nation? Heck yes it is. Enough said.

Fashion: Portland does have a style, true, although my fashion rules tend to be my own. But let's include this one in this category---umbrellas are not necessary, period. Unless there is a deluge. And that is a rare occurrence.

English: Totally my own, although seriously influenced by the IB program, Malone, and Mr. Hill.

Cheese: Tillamook. Only. I do not purchase any other cheese. And usually only sharp cheddar.

Politics: Because of the weird Portland/Provo combo I don't talk politics. Ever. I do, however, talk with my eyes. So if the topic comes up, my face might say something even if my lips don't.

They say Texans are proud of their state, and it's true, but they've got nothing on Oregonians. And I get to spend nine whole days there. Western, Powell's, Trader Joe's, Burgerville, Lincoln City, Mo's, Bridgeport here I come.



  1. Mo's and Burgerville! Drool. And on behalf of Jeff, drool at Powell's. :) Preston asked today if we could go camping in a yurt on the Oregon Coast. hmmm. Maybe next year.

    K, now I need to know your fashion rules.

  2. Oh, the fashion rules are mostly color coordination. I'm very picky about what can and cannot be worn together. My roommates will vouch for this one.